Ear celansing

Ear cleansing as well as all the other treatments can be treated as a form of showing affection. Due to the small size of Chihuahuas such cleansing usually takes place on the owner’s lap. It is a spot where the dog feels safe and it is theirs favourite place.

A dog’s ear is a delicate organ and can be easily hurt; therefore cleaning it should be done with much care. Among the most common problems with the dog’s ear we can mention an irritation or an inflammation of the lining epithelium of the auditory tube, caused by the clogged earwax. The signs and symptoms of ear infections will be easily spotted, as our dog will scratch the ear or shake the head (trying to take the dirt or discharge out), additionally there may be a bad odour emanating from the infected ear.

To avoid otitis, which is very painful and unpleasant for our dog, we should check the ear two to three times a week to see if there isn’t any discharge and the best is to gently massage the base of the ear with a finger covered in cotton pad. It is very important not to leave any debris inside the ear. When the cotton pad comes out dirty, we should clean the ear carefully using cotton pad dipped in a special fluid that can be bought in any pharmacy. Finishing the treatment it is recommended to put a couple of drops in the ear and massage it at the base of the ear.

There are many underlying causes of ear infection that must be treated professionally. This sort of health issue can be exceedingly painful and if spotted we should immediately make a vet appointment.

The systematic care at home will prevent the serious ear infections. Although it should be noted that too frequent ear cleansing will only accelerate the production of earwax. Clean and healthy ear should be nice and pink inside with a minimal accumulation of pale yellowish wax.








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